Rural working hub: creating communal working spaces for entrepreneurs and telecommuters

Rural Working Hub is a transnational cooperation project with Leader Aisapari Finland and  Longford Local Community Developlment Committee, Ireland.

The objective of the project is to develop and establish rural working hubs for the needs of telecommuters and others who are in need of working place. Joint transnational actions are study visits to Finland and Ireland, exchanging information and best practices and sharing experiences. A booklet with tips and best practices will created and published. The local rural hubs in the project are encouraged to do collaboration locally and internationally. Locally the project collects the possible communal working spaces and gives support for creation of communal working spaces with workshops and consultant lectures.

Current topics in  the Finnish project

International webinar Rural Working Hubs - policy, good practices and implementation 24.11.2020.
Saved webinar and link to the presentations will be put here and sent to the registered participants.

Supporting hub Development

In the first listing of remote working places we found 13 places. During the next autumn there will be many more. Several villages and real estate owners are interested in the project. In future there will be a variety types of remote working places to choose from.

During spring and summer time each  remote working office or hub will be presented in the project's Facebookpages "Rural Working Hub".