LEADER AISAPARI is a local development organization for six rural communities in western Finland.  The operating area of Leader Aisapari includes the municipalities of Alajärvi, Evijärvi, Kauhava, Lappajärvi, Lapua and Vimpeli. Leader Aisapari was founded in the year 1997. 51 200 residents live in Aisapari operating area. The landscape of the operating area contains typical Southern Ostrobothnian plains complete with rivers as well as lakes, forest and hillier terrain.

The commercial structure of Leader Aisapari area is dominated by agriculture and forestry as well as unusually well-developed energy, construction products and technology industries. Tourism with its related services is a growing commercial field.

Our vision

Aisapari area in 2020 is:

STRONG – capable, diverse and self-sustaining

VITAL – residents and communities actively participate in the maintenance and reformation of the area

BOLD – we dare to follow weak signals, to try new things and reform the old

GREEN – a low-carbon society that values and wisely utilizes the natural environment

The game strategy of development is COOPERATION


Strategy emphasis points

Point 1: The vitality of the area


- Thriving small business supporting other business activities,

- renewal and utilization of local resources of innovation and competence,

- a diversity of local services, the area as an attractive living environment and business location.

Point 2: Strengthening local communities and identity


- Strong feelings of trust between individuals and communities and good cooperative skills,

- a traditional sense of community, volunteer work and communities working to prevent isolation and build trust,

- strengthening local identity,

- internationalization enhancing the native region

Point 3: Nature and natural resources as the producers of pure foods, energy and the living environment


- Nature and landscapes, a living cultural environment and healthy waterways as sources for work and experiences,

- a diverse and healthy cultural and natural environment,

- a self-sustaining and strong local economy.



Leader Aisapari has supported hundreds of local development projects since 2001. 

Here you'll find some examples of our on-going development projects:


Immigrant Integration in Rural Areas: Better integration, bettter communities. Transnational cooperation project in 16 partner areas in four countries. Please see

If you are interested in cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.